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Valeo Cruise4U® car makes a “Hands-Off Japan Tour”


Tokyo, October 1st, 2018 – Valeo's highway automated driving car, Cruise4U®, embarks on a 6,700 kilometers "Hands-Off Japan Tour" today.  After leaving its Tsukuba Techno Center, Cruise4U® will move toward the north to Hokkaido, then traverse the main island Honshu and advance southward to Kagoshima, and passed Shikoku Island before returning to the departure point by mid October.

The Cruise4U® car is equipped with a complete Valeo 360 degree perception system, including multiple SCALA® laser scanners, a windshield mounted front camera, 4 surround cameras and 4 corner radars creating a “cocoon” of sensors by detecting obstacles at distances of between 10 centimeters to more than 200 meters. Its smart software processes all incoming information in real time and uses it to adjust the vehicle’s driving.
The journey will offer the opportunity to observe the software's ability to understand the vehicle's environment in real-world conditions and to test Valeo-innovative automated driving features such as Traffic Jam Chauffeur and Highway Chauffeur, which allow the vehicle to take over the task of driving in specific situations. The Japanese road trip will therefore provide a chance to fine-tune the latest settings and help make highly- and fully-automated driving a future mobility solution accessible to all.

Valeo Cruise4U® lets drivers experience the comfort and convenience of being driven on the highway in normal or traffic jam situations. When conditions allow, the driver can decide to either control the vehicle manually or monitor as Valeo Cruise4U® manages steering, accelerating and braking.

Valeo’s rigorous safety regulation will apply during the tour. In addition to safety measures in the system hardware and software, two trained system experts will be in the vehicle at all time. They will monitor the road and traffic situation and vehicle behavior, and engage if needed to keep the vehicle and other road users safe.

The Valeo SCALA® laser scanner is one of the key enabler in the Cruise4U® system. It scans the area in front of the vehicle and detects vehicles, motorbikes, pedestrians and static obstacles like trees, parked vehicles and guard rails – all with an extremely high level of accuracy. It works in the daylight and at night, when the car is driving at both high and low speeds. Using the collected data, the scanner creates a map of the environment allowing it to analyze and anticipate events around the vehicle. Valeo SCALA® is the first 3D laser scanner on the market compliant with the harsh requirements for automotive mass production, making its debut in 2017 with a German premium brand and winning a 2018 PACE award.

The Valeo Cruise4U® “Hands-Off Japan Tour” builds on the experience and learnings from previous similar tours around France, around the U.S., around Europe and even around the dense and often aggressive traffic on the Paris beltway “Peripherique” in a 24 hour challenge.

For the “Hands-Off Japan Tour”, Valeo's local R&D team in Japan set up the Cruise4U® vehicle in Tsukuba Techno Center. The build is based on Valeo Group's expertise from Europe and the U.S., enabling a drive across the Japanese archipelago’s highways. Valeo will thereby test the technology and gather data in expressways, tunnels, long bridges, and other local infrastructures in order to accelerate the development of automated driving technologies adapted to Japan needs.

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