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Valeo participates in the Strategic Innovation Promotion Program Phase Two - Automated Driving (Expansion of Systems and Services)


Valeo, world leader of driving assistance systems, participates in the 2nd Phase of Strategic Innovation Promotion Program — Automated Driving (SIP-adus; Expansion of Systems and Services) led by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan in collaboration with related ministries and organizations. The experiment is scheduled to start from October 2019 as soon as the necessary transportation infrastructure is in place.

The program seeks to contribute to the solving of societal problems, such as reducing the number of traffic accidents and the traffic congestion, securing mobility for those with restricted transportation access, alleviating driver shortages and reducing costs for logistics and mobility services, by commercializing and promoting the greater adoption of automated driving. To accomplish this, it promotes research and development on common issues (collaborative areas) by industry, academia, and government.
Valeo will run its automated driving system, Cruise4U® on Metropolitan Expressway routes connecting Haneda Airport and the Waterfront City area (including ordinary roads), and will report experimental data and analysis results.
Valeo's automated driving car, Cruise4U®, has completed the "Hands-Off Japan Tour" in October 2018 successfully, by logging about 6,700 kilometers on highways around Japan in a 3 weeks journey with about 98% of the distance completed in autonomous mode. Valeo Japan upgraded Cruise4U® after the "Hands-Off Japan Tour" by adding a Valeo SCALA® Gen. 2, the new generation of Valeo’s unique 3D laser scanner, offering a 3 times wider vertical field of view from its previous model, enabling for example lane-marking detection. Being a key enabler for highly automated driving, the Valeo SCALA® remains to be the only 3D laser scanner on the market compliant with the harsh specifications for automotive volume production. To date Valeo has shipped over 100,000 SCALA®.

The perception system used by the Valeo CruiseU4 system includes:

- Advanced software using AI algorithms
- 6 Valeo SCALA® Gen. 1 3D laser scanner
- 1 Valeo SCALA® Gen. 2 3D laser scanner
- 1 front camera
- 4 corner radars
- 4 surround cameras
- 12 ultrasonic sensors
The sensor data is fused to create a redundant 360° perception.

By participating in this field operational test, Valeo aims to contribute to the creation of systems and methods for using traffic environment information, such as traffic signal information and merging support information provided by traffic infrastructure, and the rapid practical implementation of advanced automated driving.

Valeo participates in the 2nd Phase of Strategic Innovation Promotion Program — Automated Driving (PDF 160.73kB)

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